Our Team
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Our Team

Cutting Edge Woodworking uses Cabnetware and AutoCAD software.  Our Design Department will work hand in hand with clients, as well as contractors, to make sure that when designs are finished, the customer has a clear picture of the project.  We welcome you to call and speak to one of our designers today. 

Our installers have the same dedication to perfection as the rest of the team, taking great pride in their work.  If problems arise in the field, they come by the shop every morning and evening to work through issues and keep the job moving forward. 

Detailing is very important in the custom cabinet industry, and our detailing team understands that.  They go over every cabinet and every specialty item to make sure the finished product is just what the client expects. 

Our finishes are completely customized.  All distressing and glazing is done by hand, by trained professionals with an eye for artistry and consistency.  Again, communication with our clients is the key to getting the desired finish. 

The actual building of our cabinets takes a large group of talented individuals involved in each project – CNC operators, cabinet assemblers, sanders, finishers, woodworkers,  hardware installers – making sure all items will be ready for delivery and installation.  All cabinets, doors and parts are carefully wrapped and packed into our large delivery truck to protect them in transit.

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